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Granby CT

Cupping Therapy CTIf you live in Granby, CT and have been seeking out an affordable alternative to costly surgery and drug therapy for treating a debilitating medical condition you're in luck. Conveniently located in Bloomfield, CT, Acupuncture Associates provides a wide variety of Chinese Herbal Medicine techniques including acupuncture, essential oil therapy, moxibustion, whole food nutritional supplements and problem-specific massage to help treat many common illnesses and conditions including asthma, obesity, migraine headaches, chronic lower back pain and indigestion. Under the guidance of licensed acupuncturist Marc Gerstein, Acupuncture Associates is able to perform a host of alternative healing remedies to achieve a harmonious balance within the body.

The core belief behind Chinese Herbal Medicine is that the human body features energy, or qi, that flows in channels called meridians. To date 71 channels have been indentified, each pertaining to a specific organ in the human body. When these channels become blocked it can lead to an imbalance in the system and cause illness and disease. The purpose of Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture is to stimulate specific points on the body using fine needles and heat therapy to restore a smooth flow of energy. Acupuncture has been used to treat many common illnesses and debilitating medical conditions including arthritis, hypertension, depression, anxiety, indigestion, asthma, migraine headaches and eating disorders. Initial acupuncture treatments can last up to two hours with follow-up visits ranging between 45 minutes to an hour.

Acupuncture Associates strives to find a holistic approach to healthcare that will not only establish the root cause of a problem but also find treatments that will restore a harmonious balance to the body and improve natural immunity to prevent disease in the future. By combining acupuncture, dietary therapy including whole foods nutritional supplements and cupping, Acupuncture Associates offers an all-natural option for pain management and relief. Though acupuncture can be used as a primary method of treating a medical condition it often works best when employed as an adjunct therapy in conjunction with surgery and/or medication. To learn more about Chinese Herbal Medicine and how acupuncture may be able to help you relieve pain and rid your body of disease contact licensed acupuncturist Marc Gerstein and Acupuncture Associates to schedule an appointment.

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