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Glastonbury CT

Acupuncture Associates of HartfordIf you live in Glastonbury, CT and are dealing with chronic back pain, emotional or psychological disorders and eye, ear, nose and throat disorders that you have been unable to cure through surgery or prescription medication consider trying acupuncture therapy with the skilled services of Acupuncture Associates in Bloomfield. Under the guidance of licensed acupuncturist Marc Gerstein Acupuncture Associates can provide a number acupuncture treatments and adjunct therapies to assist in managing chronic pain and providing relief for many conditions including gastrointestinal disorders and addictions.

Surgery can be expensive even if you have health coverage and prescription medication can have adverse side effects that make the medication not worth taking. If you're tried common medical treatments for chronic pain, debilitating disorders, depression, allergies, peptic ulcers and addictions to alcohol and nicotine without success consider trying the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. Part of the holistic system of healing known as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture treatment has been practiced for over 3,000 years and has helped many people relieve pain and debilitating conditions.

Acupuncturists believe that in the human body is an energy called Qi and that this vital energy flows throughout the body in channels also called meridians. 71 meridians have been identified in the human body and each one is associated with a major organ. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes in health being a manifestation of balance and if this balance is disrupted or blocked illness results. Acupuncture acts to restore the normal flow of energy in the body so balance can return.

Using fine needles, acupuncturists identify the meridians where the Qi is concentrated and insert needles at these specific points to cause a physical stimulus that acts to force a response from the body to counter the detected change. Though acupuncture has not been fully embraced by Western science and medicine, new technology allows researchers to see the human body responding to acupuncture needles and this is a step forward in understanding how acupuncture works. If you are interested in learning more about acupuncture and treatment programs contact Acupuncture Associates today.

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