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Farmington CT

Acupuncture Therapy CTIf you live in Farmington, CT and experience chronic infections and disorders including indigestion, emphysema, migraine headaches, insomnia and lower back pain pursue relief and well being through targeted acupuncture performed by licensed acupuncturist Marc Gerstein at Acupuncture Associates. Drawing on 28 years of experience, Marc has a vast number of skills in acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, dietary therapy and moxibustion. If pharmaceuticals and surgery have been unable to relieve you of pain or establish what the root cause of a disease is then consider the 3,000 year old practice of acupuncture.

Conveniently located in Bloomfield, CT Acupuncture Associates performs a number of holistic therapies and treatments including acupuncture, problem-specific massage, Gua Sha, essential oils, acupressure and nutrition and whole food supplementation. Believing in a harmonious system where the body is balanced with the external environment, Acupuncture Associates provides many traditional Chinese healing methods to encourage overall health and prevent disease. From whole food nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to regular acupuncture treatment and therapy, Acupuncture Associates has the skill and experience to relieve your pain and return your body's energy to a healthy balance.

Western science is progressing each day with incredible advancements in surgery and medicine but it doesn't always relieve pain, depression, migraines and addictions to substances such as alcohol and nicotine. Acupuncture Associates does not aim to replace current medical practices, rather they offer alternative treatments and therapies for patients who want a holistic approach to their illness or condition. Both Marc Gerstein and Clinical Assistant Leslie Franks have studied Classical Chinese Medicine with Jeffrey Yuen, a well known practitioner of acupuncture and an herbal medicine expert. With this knowledge, Acupuncture Associates has a wide variety of acupuncture treatments and holistic therapies to treat people in Farmington, CT for a number of illnesses and painful conditions.

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