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Enfield CT

Acupuncturists CTToday you have many options for treating a medical condition. From chronic back pain and migraine headaches to hypertension, asthma and digestive disorders there are a wide variety of surgeries, therapies and medication that can be used to cure a disease or relieve pain. Another form of treatment that is becoming more popular is holistic herbal remedies and acupuncture. Though Western science and medicine is the preferred option for many people suffering from an illness or recurring pain there is a significant amount of interest in natural remedies that are not as expensive as surgery and don't involve pharmaceutical medications. If you live in Enfield, CT and want to try acupuncture to treat an existing condition contact Acupuncture Associates today.

Medicine and treatments can be a tricky science. What may work for one patient may not necessarily work for someone else. While most people tend to believe that surgery and drug treatments are the most effective ways for dealing with an illness or debilitating condition the fact is acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can have just as good a chance at success. Though acupuncture has not been fully accepted by the current medical establishment the practice is over 3,000 years old and has provided relief for many people suffering from chronic pain, depression, alcohol and nicotine addiction and obesity. As medical bills and insurance continue to rise more people are turning to alternative medicine to relieve multiple symptoms.

Since 1984, licensed acupuncturist Marc Gerstein, has been treating patients in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts with affordable and effective acupuncture treatment as well as whole food nutritional supplements. By combining the practice of acupuncture and acupressure with adjunct therapies including moxibustion, essential oils and heat therapy, Acupuncture Associates strive for a holistic approach to treating the root cause of a medical problem and preventing further occurrence.

Unlike drugs that often only provide temporary relief to a condition, acupuncture acts to re-direct vital energy in the body to stimulate natural immunity and healing powers. Through the strategic placement of very fine needles, acupuncture helps to revitalize major organs in the body to encourage an all-natural remedy to many medical conditions. Contact Acupuncture Associates today to learn more about the process of acupuncture treatment and to schedule an appointment.

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