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Six months ago I was treated with a strong protocol of antibiotics to combat a serious infection. Afterwards, I had such a bitter taste in my mouth, I couldn’t eat. I lost a significant amount of weight. Finally, fearing that the bitter taste would last the rest of my life, I sought out an alternative. I came to Acupuncture Associates of Hartford. After five acupuncture treatments and some nutritional supplements, the bitter taste is gone. I can enjoy my meals again! Thank you!
===Ellen V., New York City===

Frozen shoulder greatly improved

Hello! This note is long overdue, however I wanted to share that after just 4 visits, my frozen shoulder has greatly improved.

I want to thank all of your staff for the individual attention I received. Although I am not at full range of motion, it is probably close to 90-95%. Thank you!

All the best,

Relief from Migraines

After being plagued by weekly migraines that had interfered with daily living and causing me to take a lot of sick time at work, I decided to seek holistic treatment. I had tried numerous prescription medicines for the migraines, none of which helped at all. I was feeling pretty helpless.>

I had read about the effectiveness of acupuncture for migraines but was a little hesitant because I am not the biggest fan of needles. But finally I decided to give it a try. I figured the pricks of tiny needles would be worth it if it would get rid of my migraines.>

I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge Marc had and the completeness of his assessment. To my surprise, I hardly felt the needles and I was shocked by the calming energy feeling it gave me when the needles were inserted. I’ve been going weekly now for about 2 months and for days after the treatment I feel a sense of calm, and I’ve never slept better. >

The best part is that I went from having weekly migraines to only having 1 in this 2 month period. It is truly amazing! >

And may I add that Leslie is an amazing massage therapist. I leave there after every session feeling absolutely incredible. Not only are they knowledgeable, they are extremely kind and nice people. Thank you Acupuncture Associates of Hartford for giving me my life back!>
===Lauren Frank===

Relief from Chronic, Unrelenting Pain

I went to Acupuncture Associates of Hartford to get rid of unrelenting pain in my lower left back and leg, following 8 weeks of treatment for a repeating problem usually resolved by chiropractic manipulation:  left sacro-ileac joint misalignment and an irritated piriformis muscle.  My chiropractor and I agreed that adding acupuncture was appropriate.  Immediately after Marc's and Leslie's first treatment, my pain was diminished for several hours, though it returned afterwards with slightly less intensity.  Over the next five weeks, as treatments were repeated twice weekly, the periods of diminished pain increased until I was finally completely free of back pain.  During this time I continued chiropractic treatment.
As Marc and Leslie worked on me, we all noticed that changes were occurring in my lower left leg, which had been badly damaged in a skiing accident in 1993.  I sustained a high grade tib-fib spiral fracture requiring external fixation, bone regeneration, and an ankle fusion.  After a year and a half of surgeries and no weight-bearing, I was, thankfully mobile.  But I was left with a sore, ugly leg which had multiple scars and was extremely discolored from trauma below the surface of the skin.  The amazing thing that happened during the acupuncture treatment was that the discoloring started to fade, and it has continued to fade.  The residual pain in my leg and ankle has also lessened.  Now Marc and Leslie are working on my injured leg to rehabilitate it, and I am very thankful for the progress we're seeing.
The Rev. John M. Miller, Jr.
===Vicar, Grace Episcopal Church, Broad Brook===

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

I've dealt with anxiety and bouts of depression for many years.  As I've gotten older, life's stressors have gotten harder to deal with.  The worries I have seemed to never go away.  I always felt on edge.  These feelings at time intensified to the point of panic attacks.  Exercising and herbal supplements helped to a degree, but the internal nervousness never fully left.  Obsessive worries and never-ending uneasiness seemed to constantly overtake me, sapping my joy and energy.
Desperate to find an alternative remedy before having to turn to conventional medication and then dealing with the many side effects, I decided to give acupuncture a try.  It's been 5 weeks of treatment, and acupuncture has already made a huge difference.  The internal nervousness is gone and I'm finally able to relax.  Worries still come, but now I no longer obsess over them.  I have found the ability to dismiss them as quickly as they enter.
Thank you, Marc, and the wonderful Acupuncture Associates of Hartford staff.
=== C.R.===

Chronic Leg Cramps

I came to see Marc Gerstein May 2012.  I was very skeptical about acupuncture and went because of a couple of "great" recommendations from a co-worker and friend, and as a last ditch effort to find an answer. 
One day as I was getting ready for a treatment, Marc and I were discussing how I have been experiencing chronic muscle cramping in both of my legs, and that I have been trying for the past 5 years to get an answer as to why this was happening.  Marc told me in 3 seconds flat that I was calcium deficient in the muscles.  He performed a "cuff test" on my calf to see at what pressure I began to cramp.  He didn't even get out 5 squeezes and my calf muscle cramped right up at 140 lbs - the normal pressure is 250 lbs.  Marc showed much excitement over this, and suggested supplementing with calcium and essential fatty acids.
I have taken the supplements consistently, and I am here to tell you that my cramping has almost completely subsided.  I am so pleased with this.  It has been five years that not one single doctor could find an answer to this problem.  I now can go up two flights of stairs and feel like it is only those two flights instead of 12 flights . . .
Thank you, Marc, for not only listening, but also finding out what was wrong with me.  I appreciate it very, very much.
Another thing - Leslie is amazing.  I can be lying on the table and not saying a word to her, and she will come in and pin-point an area of pain that was toying with me all day.  I appreciate her abilty to work these areas out without even having to tell her where to go!
Thank you both for the wonderful job and attention you have given to me.  I appreciate you both and the work you perform on me.
=== T. E.===
June 15, 1012

"Between the Spring and Fall of 2009, at age 30, I was involved in two serious motor vehicle accidents within a four month period. I was told by several physicians that I would not be able to work again in my heavy equipment business due to the nature of the nerve damage I had received as a result of these accidents.

I came to Acupuncture Associates of Hartford in January 2010, and they gave me back hope. I now have substantial relief from my pain and look forward to further progress. I know I shall return to work again. Their encouragement, compassion and vast knowledge have made all the difference in the world. I am getting my life back. Thank you Acupuncture Associates of Hartford!!"
===Jeff Bogue===
Relief from Sciatica Pain

"Dear Marc and Leslie, As a Nurse Practitioner I left no stones of Western Medicine unturned in my effort to treat the pain of chronic sciatica. Physical Therapy provided relief for a few hours, surgery was ruled out. When a Nurse Practitioner friend used Acupuncture herself with success, a door opened for me!

Marc Gerstein and Leslie Franks (Acupuncture Associates of Hartford) gave me fair warning . . . Eastern Medicine is slow . . . it takes time and patience. Ultimately the sciatica disappeared. This was about 10 years ago and it never returned. Recent treatment for a different problem was successful again. It works. With thanks,"
Chronic Prostate-related Problems

"I initially went for acupuncture treatments with Marc Gerstein in the spring of 2009 for chronic prostate-related problems that had not been alleviated by a urologist. Skeptical at first, I was grateful to discover that the combination of treatments and Chinese herbal medicine not only eased my discomfort, but they had the added benefit of greatly improving my digestion, sinus condition, and overall health. Marc, with his many years of experience, is professional and informative, and the staff is friendly, quickly putting the patients at ease. A steady flow of devoted clients attests to Marc's skill. Clearly, Acupuncture Associates is truly a healing environment where the issue of total health and not just the alleviation of symptoms is addressed. I highly recommend a visit to Marc Gerstein and Associates in Bloomfield as an alternative health care provider."
===M.S. South Windsor===
Chronic Acid Reflux

I am not a doctor, just a regular guy who likes to play softball, basketball, and exercise. I realized somewhere around twenty-one years old that my body was not the same as when I was younger. I was having constant symptoms of sore throat, heartburn, and wheezing in my chest after exercise. I went to a GI doctor. He introduced me to one "purple pill" and told me it would heal my problem with no side effects. I would soon learn the pill was causing me many unwanted side effects. I decided to try something new. I turned to acupuncture administered by Marc Gerstein. The treatment I received from Acupuncture Associates was like no other I had ever received. They cured my sickness! I have also referred family members to Acupuncture Associates and they have had success as well. I trust Marc and Leslie with the ability to diagnose, cure, and treat the real cause of chronic sickness. Not just the symptoms. I am grateful to them for helping me with my acid reflux, something I could not have achieved on my own. I now play softball and basketball heartburn free. I wish I knew more about acupuncture a long time ago. In my opinion, acupuncture and natural remedies are the only real cures for chronic sickness. The body will heal the body, with the help of real experts and professionals like Marc and Leslie.
===Matt Kerstetter===
Idiopathic Neuropathy

I came to Acupuncture Associates of Hartford in the late summer of 2010, after 8 months of idiopathic neuropathy with undiagnosed cause. I had limited to no sensation in my lower body and was unable to walk independently. I was unable to drive, and required assistance with my daily activities. I had severe pain that required narcotic analgesia to further compound my problems. Marc made me feel comfortable and hopeful from the very first visit. His knowledge and professional expertise elicited a new-found feeling of faith, something I had already lost with the traditional Western medicine.

Today I am walking without the use of my walker, driving on my own, and I no longer require narcotic pain medication. This is all thanks to Marc. My neurologist and general practitioner are in amazement at my steady recovery. Even though I have more roads to cross, I remain energized and enthusiastic, thanks to Marc and Leslie, with their caring, compassionate, and above all, professional treatment.

Thanks Marc and Leslie for helping me along my way to recovery.
===Linda Formanek===
Welts Up and Down Arms, Legs and Neck

I started looking into acupuncture back in August when I had been to my doctor twice, an allergist, and a dermatologist for my chronic hives. It was so embarrassing (not to mention painful) to have large welts up and down my arms, legs and neck! The only advice from my doctor was to reduce stress, and she prescribed 3 separate prescriptions. I did not want to be on medicine to mask the symptoms. I wanted to treat the problem.

I was nervous at first, since I am not a big fan of needles, but my fears quickly dissipated the moment I walked through the door to Acupuncture Associates of Hartford. Sally, the receptionist, is warm and friendly and always has a story to tell. The two little French bulldogs are always there to welcome me and make me laugh. Marc is incredibly knowledgeable and listens fully to my updates on my condition. Marc also has been very successfully treating my lungs for my seasonal asthma. Leslie has magical hands and works out the tension knots in my neck without even having to ask where I hurt. I have also learned a lot about what foods and supplements are best for my body and health.

I am pleased to say that I rarely ever have a single hive. I am prescription-free, no longer even needing to use my inhaler. I highly recommend Acupuncture Associates of Hartford for anyone with a chronic condition they would like to improve without prescription drugs or side effects.
===Tanya Hughes, November 29, 2010===
I was diagnosed with a condition known as Bell's Palsy, by my local hospital, which is a temporary paralysis of the face, that may remain for lengthy periods of time.  I was told to give  acupuncture a try, I have never had acupuncture before so I was a little skeptical.  My wife had heard of Acupuncture Associates of Hartford and told me I should try it, so I did.  I was very happy with the total experience, the attention to detail and relaxing environment.  All of my questions were answered by Marc Gerstein in a way that I could understand.  The doctors at my local hospital told me it could take months for my bell's palsy to start showing signs of improvement.  After my first visit to Acupuncture Associates of Hartford, the next day I started seeing signs of improvement, and this was only after being diagnosed a week prior.  My bell's palsy had cleared up completely within a week after my first visit.  I will be a  customer for a very long time.  Thank you.
Facts are stubborn. After many years of exercising regularly and watching what I eat, both my cholesterol and blood pressure began acting up in a dangerous fashion. I followed the path of taking many different prescribed medications, with the well known side effects. The plan did not exactly work. In a period of six months (1/11-7/11), I landed in the emergency room four or five times with chest pain and stroke symptoms. The co-pays were making a big hole in my pocket. I decided then to combine my regular medical treatment with weekly visits to Acupuncture Associates of Hartford. After two months, these are the facts: My blood pressure is averaging around 120/80, down from 169/95. I stopped taking my statin drugs and my cholesterol has gone down 15%. My regular doctors have not increased my medications. The co-pays are not making a hole in my pocket. My energy level is working its way back to normal. When it comes to health, I believe that it is a good idea to pay attention to the facts.
===R.R. Cruz, Esq. Springfield, MA===
Chronic Bowel Disease

For me, receiving a telephone call from my primary doctor with the diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease (which according to western medicine is a chronic, non-curable disease) was a very devastating day. I was told that western medicine had very little to offer besides treating the symptoms of the disease. After many years of trying to deal with the symptoms of the disease, i.e. frequent bowel movements, diarrhea, stomach pain, fatigue, I was at wits end. I was at the point of being unable to eat. I was sick, tired and had pain all the time. The final offer from the doctor was to take daily internal steroids for a long period of time. I was unwilling to experience their negative side effects. That is when I decided to try a natural approach to healing. Thereafter, I began to treat at Acupuncture Associates of Hartford.

I was very skeptical at first, but feeling so ill, I would have tried anything to feel better. On my first visit, I was immediately greeted by Sally (the receptionist), who was very friendly and welcoming. I was treated by Marc (the acupuncturist), who immediately assured me that he could help me. I later met Leslie (the therapist), who is exceptionally supportive, caring and kind. I was treated with the acupuncture needles, and was given recommendations for healthy ways of eating to allow my body to heal. I was also introduced to several herbal remedies. I followed the diet I was given, made sure I took all the herbs required, and made regular appointments for treatment. The process of feeling better was slow at first, but I can still remember the moment when I realized I did not have pain in my stomach that day. It was a life-changing moment. As time went on, I began to feel better for 2 days, then 3 days with no pain, and then a week. I was finally beginning to feel whole again.

I continually follow up with my gastroenterologist, i.e. colonoscopies, etc. He has been very impressed with my improvement over the years. During my last colonoscopy he remarked that everything was fine and further stated that I had a “perfectly normal colon.” For someone with Crohn’s Disease, that statement is unheard of. I know the gastroenterologist does not believe that having acupuncture treatments has healed me. I, however, know it is absolutely true. Marc and Leslie of Acupuncture Associates of Hartford have saved my life. Thank you Marc and Leslie for all that you have done for me. I know my life is better because of you!

=== Karen Mosher===

(Note: Acupuncture Associates of Hartford has been effective for a variety of ailments. Over the past 14 years I have been treated for back pain, knee pain, dizziness and equilibrium problems, colds, fatigue, etc. I have had good results each and every time.)
Treatment for Infertility

Before our first IVF we contacted Marc. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about infertility and acupuncture treatments. We were happy to report after our first IVF cycle that we pregnant. In October we welcomed the safe arrival of our baby boy. So many thanks to Marc and his team.

===Pete & Jayne ===

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