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Preparing for Acupuncture Treatment

preparing for acupuncture treatmentIf you have yet to experience a professional acupuncture treatment in Connecticut, Acupuncture Associates would like to offer some helpful tips for preparing. Much less complicated than surgery, acupuncture treatment is easy to get ready for and only has a few concerns you need to be aware of before visiting.

People use acupuncture to treat a wide variety of medical and pain conditions including chronic back pain, gastrointestinal disorders, addictions, depression, anxiety and other health problems. Before you visit an acupuncturist in Connecticut it is a good idea to take notes on the symptoms you feel, how often and where you feel discomfort. The more information you can provide a professional acupuncturist the better they can treat your condition.

Some people feel more comfortable when they know what is going to happen. Before scheduling an appointment with Acupuncture Associates we encourage all our patients to read through our site and do their own research on acupuncture and what to expect when undergoing treatment. Remember, this therapy involves the insertion of fine needles along specific points on the body so if you have any issues with needles you need to consider this treatment method carefully.

On the day of your appointment we recommend the following:

- Try to eat lightly roughly two hours before the treatment. We will not perform acupuncture therapy on people who are fasting since this can cause dizziness and nausea. Also, avoid eating foods that are high in fat and cholesterol since this can cause upset stomachs.

- Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up to the elbows and knees.

- Do not have any strenuous activities planned prior to or after an acupuncture session. Exercising, rushing back to work or doing heavy lifting can weaken your body and cause one to feel faint.

- Do not drink any alcohol the day of your appointment. Intoxicants can increase the risk of shock.

- Try to relax and give yourself enough time to get to the office on time.

At Acupuncture Associates we want your first acupuncture treatment to be a positive experience and provide a calm and serene setting for our patients.

To schedule an appointment, call: (860) 243-3903

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