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Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture CTPeople who deal with chronic pain, either from age or injury, know how uncomfortable and frustrating life can be. What's worse is that the medications that are prescribed don't always work and often have serious side effects which can be debilitating for certain patients. Getting relief from chronic pain isn't easy but there is an alternative therapy that should be considered. Acupuncture, the act of gently inserting needles into specific body meridians to stimulate energy, has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of illnesses and medical conditions including severe and chronic pain. Painless, cheaper than hospital and doctor visits and with no lingering side effects, acupuncture therapy and treatment in Connecticut might be just the remedy you've been looking for.

Unlike surgery, acupuncture does not involve cutting the body and instead uses very fine needles to stimulate specific pressure points on the human body that have been identified as meridians. Acupuncture believes in the theory that energy runs through the body and that when blocked, clogged or misdirected in can have serious consequences such as illness, pain and infections. By re-stimulating specific areas of the body, acupuncturists believe this blocked energy can be released and allow the body to function again normally. Used as a treatment for a specific injuries or a preventive measure for illnesses, acupuncture is much more affordable than surgery or drug therapy and is an all natural treatment that does not involve chemicals or prescription pharmaceuticals.

Another benefit to treating injuries and illnesses with acupuncture is the rehabilitating effects the treatment can have. Some people choose to have surgery or medications to deal with certain ailments and if they find it is not working to their satisfaction they may turn to acupuncture which is also used in treating alcoholics and drug addicts who want to effectively cease the cravings for a particular substance. If you have had surgery and afterwards took a prescription painkiller, acupuncture can help you deal with getting off the pills and achieving a natural approach to healing issues of dependency.

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