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Back Pain Treatment

Acupuncture CTPeople who suffer from chronic back pain can have a very difficult time getting through life. Whether the pain in your back is from age, an accident or injury the recurring pain that occurs can make it hard to walk, stand, sit or even sleep meaning you have pain pretty much all the time. Chiropractors, surgeons and pharmacists have a wide variety of techniques, operations and medications they can try to relieve your back pain but none are proven 100% and instead most people who live with chronic back pain are left to roll the dice on a treatment they think will work.

The ancient technique of acupuncture has been used for centuries to help alleviate the stabbing, numbing and constant discomfort associated with chronic back pain. Though medical studies are inconclusive about the healing power of acupuncture there is no denying that thousands of patients have found much needed relief for back pain through acupuncture treatment. When researching the effects of acupuncture on relieving back pain you will find just as much information saying it works as you will articles that claim it does not. It's up to each individual patient to decide if trying acupuncture for back pain is right for them.

The reason many people turn to acupuncture for chronic back pain is that other forms of treatments, including physical therapy, surgery and medications have not provided relief that is satisfactory. Once a patient has exhausted the standard protocol they often turn to alternative or holistic medicine to try and find something that will put an end to their nagging and consistent pain.

As with other acupuncture treatments, back pain is treated with the insertion of fine needles along specific meridians and pressure points on the patient's back. Maps can be found that show all 71 identified meridians on the human body and what ones are stimulated for certain disorders and conditions. Acupuncturists believe that the pain someone is feeling is the cause of the body's natural energy (Qi) being blocked in one of the meridians and the only way to relieve the symptoms is to unclog the channel and restore the body's natural balance.

How acupuncture helps relieve back pain is not fully understood. Some have theorized that the stimulation caused by the needle insertions triggers the release of natural opiates, chemicals in the brain that help relieve pain and promote sleep. Others believe the stimulus begins the flow of pain-killing chemicals such as endorphins that lead to immediate relief. However it is accomplished, enough people have found relief for the chronic back pain through acupuncture treatment and if you are considering acupuncture for your chronic pain, contact Acupuncture Associates today.

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