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Common Acupuncture Side Effects

Acupuncture CTAcupuncture is used by many people to treat a wide variety of ailments and debilitating conditions including depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal disorders and chronic back pain. While the treatment is aimed at lessening pain and the extent of certain conditions, the process of having fine needles inserted into designated points on a person's body can lead to some common side effects. Before undergoing acupuncture treatment a patient should be aware of these possible side effects and discuss this with the acupuncturist. The manifestation of certain side effects often depend on the individual patient so there is no way to tell if you will experience any of the following but it helps to know in advance what may happen after undergoing acupuncture treatment.

Soreness – Having fine needles inserted into your body and then removed can sometimes lead to soreness. While the soreness associated with acupuncture tends to only last for 24 hours it can be longer if the needle released a trigger or ashi point. Points in the hands and feet are often mentioned by patients as the areas where they experience soreness following an acupuncture treatment but again the soreness generally doesn't last more than a day and is not so intense that it requires any type of medication.

Bruising – Some people bruise easier than others and if you have a habit of bruising then you may experience some after an acupuncture treatment. Penetrating the skin on the human body can have a number of results and with fine needle insertions there is always a chance that a bruise will result. However, much like the soreness effect, bruising from acupuncture rarely hurts and though it can last for a few days often goes away on its own and almost never requires any addition medical attention.

Sensitivity – The process of acupuncture involves releasing pent up energy in the human body meridians and when this happens it can cause some people to become emotional. It is not unusual for an acupuncture patient to cry during the treatment and immediately following. These tears aren't from pain but rather the result of the uplifting feeling that is experienced from the treatment. For those people who tend to hide or stifle their emotions this experience can be sudden and surprising but it is nothing to worry about. In fact, shedding a few tears during an acupuncture treatment is a sign that the technique is working and the body is starting to respond to the stimulus of the fine needles. Crying is a healthy part of healing so don't hold back and don't feel ashamed if your acupuncture treatment causes a few tears.

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