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Acupuncture & Depression

Acupuncture CTDepression is a chronic illness that can have long term mental and physical consequences for people who suffer from prolonged feelings of sadness, lack of interest and anxiety. It is estimated that approximately 18.8 million American adults (roughly 9.5% of the population) age 18 and over suffer from a depressive disorder in a given year. Depression can affect people as young as 14 and as old as 80 and the symptoms and degree of severity can vary greatly in each patient.

While much progress has been made in treating depression with prescription medications and psychotherapy many people still struggle with daily life due to the variety of symptoms associated with depression. If you or someone you know lives in Connecticut and is suffering from depression acupuncture therapy may be an option for relieving anxiety and sadness. There are many degrees of depression and many reasons why someone may show symptoms of depression. From the loss of a loved one or being laid off from a job to a chemical imbalance in the brain and panic attacks depression manifests in many ways and it's hard to pinpoint an exact cause in every case. However, people who suffer from depression know that something is not right and are encouraged to seek professional help to alleviate what can become a life-threatening disorder. Many people will be encouraged to try a combination of psychotherapy and medications but there are alternative holistic treatments that can also be used including acupuncture.

Acupuncture Associates in Bloomfield, CT has years of experience in providing professional acupuncture treatment for people suffering from depression. Emotional and psychological disorders are common among teenagers and adults, both male and female, and in some cases a natural approach such as acupuncture therapy can help alleviate feelings of sadness, hopelessness and disinterest. By using very fine needles that are inserted into specific pressure points on the human body, acupuncture helps stimulate the movement of energy within the body.

Believing that illness and depression can be caused by a block of vital energy, or 'qi', acupuncture acts to 'unclog' the energy channels, or meridians, and return the body to a natural balance. Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with psychotherapy and medications to treat mild and severe cases of depression. Contact the trained staff at Acupuncture Associates today to learn more about how acupuncture and help treat depression.

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